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Increase your cart value with upsells and cross-sells. Promote products that customers want.

Personalization improves sales. Popups bring relevant products to your customers' attention.

Upsell and cross-sell during shopping
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Discount Mixer

Improve customer loyalty, retention, and acquisition with stackable discounts!

Enable your sales and marketing channels to synergize instead of compete with each other.

Customers love a great deal so let them use all their discounts to make the best one.

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Add a like button to every product. Increase customer engagement with social proof and personalization. Netflix received 200% more ratings when switching from star rating to like/dislike. Pandora and Youtube Music also benefit from the same like/dislike system.

Personalization improves sales. The like button allows you to understand your customers' preferences over time. This enables you to provide curated and personalized shopping suggestions through our recommendation system.

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We're a small business. We have experience from Silicon Valley startups, Microsoft, and other tech unicorns. Now, we leverage technology and make it accessible to propel small businesses forward.

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Empower Small Businesses

Technology drives businesses forward but few small businesses can take advantage of it. Our goal is to support shop owners like you by developing tools that add value and solve problems.

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Being Customer Obsessed

We listen to your story, successes, and struggles. We build solutions around your pain points. With your input, we improve our products to provide the best customer experience.

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