How to stack or combine discounts on Shopify

Offering discounts is one of the most used techniques in retail to increase conversion. Stores may want to offer discounts for a variety of reasons.

  • Promotions
  • Clearance
  • Holidays
  • Bundling

We’ve flipped through pages of forum posts to find store owners running into the same limitation on Shopify They’re all wondering how to combine discount codes but are running into a wall.

In this article, we show you a few ways we’ve found, so you can apply multiple discounts per order.

1. Simple use case

It appears that Shopify allows at most one discount code or automatic discount.

If you plan to offer free shipping as well, you can configure this without needing a code. Most free shipping promotions require purchasing a certain amount.

Free shipping with minimum purchase amount guide

  • Go to your shop’s settings > shipping and delivery tab
  • Scroll down to click the “add rate” button
  • Keep the first option of “set up your own rate”
  • Change shipping speed to “custom flat rate (no shipping time)”
  • Click “add conditions” and choose “based on order price”
  • Here’s where you can set a minimum purchase amount to receive free shipping

2. Complex use case - with Apps

We’ve covered one case, but that’s pretty much all we could figure out with only Shopify. This leaves something to be desired with offering other types of promotions.

  • Rewards programs
  • Affiliate/ambassador codes
  • Email discounts
  • Sitewide sales
  • Combining automatic discounts

That’s where third-party apps have come to fill in a gap

You can browse for ones you like on the Shopify app store:

Most of them workaround Shopify’s limitations in a few ways.

1. Draft orders

This is a type of order where line items prices and shipping costs can still be modified. That makes it useful for handling discounts like free shipping and price reduction.

The apps will create a draft order with a copy of the customer’s cart and then apply relevant discounts. This may be missing some features, but if your use case is simple when combining discounts then it’s an easy way to get started.

2. Creating Shopify discounts

This seems like a full circle but at the end of the day, Shopify checkout only accepts Shopify discounts. Instead of creating discounts on Shopify, you would interact with an app.

Apps may have their own visual or widget on the storefront to enter discount codes. There, the app will handle the logic of combining and applying the discounts.

This allows your customers to interact with discounts as they’re shopping. The opportunity to see deals as they’re shopping is more rewarding and interactive.


  • You can combine free shipping with one discount code with just Shopify
  • Apps enable a variety of use cases and other opportunities for interacting with your customers

This was one of the most common problems when we started talking to Shopify store owners. So we developed a Shopify app called Discount Mixer to address their pain points. Discount Mixer can combine any number of discounts, whether it’s automatic or discount code, fixed amount, percentage, or BOGO.

Check it out here:

The online shopping experience has many opportunities to convey value or entice the customer. Our goal is to enable stores to take those opportunities to build a stronger relationship with their customer base.

I hope this helped explain how you can offer discounts on your online store!