What about my Shopify discounts?

First of all, please check all automatic Shopify discounts have been disabled or deleted.

We support stacking Shopify discounts, although we highly recommend migrating them to Discount Mixer discounts to take advantage of a growing list of features only available in Discount Mixer discounts.

For example:

  • Product exclusion
  • Exclusive groups
  • Combine automatic discounts
  • Set maximum discount amount
  • Manual and automatic tiered discount based on purchase amount or quantity.

If Shopify discounts must be used (ex: discounts generated by third-party apps), you can enable the feature on the Settings page.


  • Shopify’s automatic discounts are not supported.
  • Discounts with Customer Eligibility, Usage Limit can be used, but the eligibility and usage limits rules will not be enforced.
  • Discounts with one use per customer can be applied, but the one use per customer rule will not be enforced. Our widget works on the Cart page, so customer information is not available.