Features and Scenarios

Stackable ⭐

  • Stack any number of discounts. Number if configurable from the Settings page
  • Stack manual discounts and automatic discounts
  • Set maximum discount percentage and maximum discount value per cart
  • You can also disallow discount to stack with other discounts

Discount Types

Discount Mixer discount types

  • Percentage
  • Fixed amount
  • Buy x get y
  • Free shipping 🆕
  • Free gift 🆕

Shopify discounts

  • One-click shopify discount import

Advanced Discount Rules

Available to all Discount Mixer types


  • Inclusion by product, variants, collection
  • Exclusion by product, variants, collection


  • Minimum purchase amount
  • Minimum quantity
  • Maximum purchase amount
  • Maximum purchase amount


  • Total number of uses
  • Set maximum discount


  • Apply discount once per order
  • Apply discount per line item
  • Apply any specific numbers of discounts per order


  • Set start time and end time for the discount

Discount Groups

Group similar discounts together to prevent them from being combined.

Multi-currency checkout

Works with Shopify multi-currency checkout. Some limitations apply.


  • Banner: use announcement bars to promote offers on your storefront. Enter custom content below.
  • Smart coupon book: automatically displays a list of available discounts for products. Only on displays on product pages.

Language and Customization

  • Customize widget to your language and currency


We are constantly adding features and capabilities based on feedback from customers, so this is not an exhaustive list of all types of discounts. Instead, it’s a starting point to inspire you to create the discounts that best fit your business.

The discounts created by our customers generally fall into three categories: stackable discounts, tiered discounts, and discounts with limits.

Use the create discount button drop down to explore and quickly create some of those discounts.


Stackable discounts

Mix and match any numbers of discounts, whether it’s automatic or discount code, fixed amount, percentage, or BOGO.

  • Sitewide flash sale while keeping existing discounts valid. Instead of updating sales prices for every product, create an automatic flash sale discount. Discount will be applied on the Cart page automatically, and all existing discounts can still be combined.
  • Special discounts for brand ambassadors and loyal customers. Create discount codes for your brand ambassadors and loyal customers. They can combine their code with other stackable discounts. At the same time, you can limit the discounts that should not be combined by putting them into exclusive groups. For example, multiple ambassadors codes cannot be combined.

Discounts with limits. Limit the amount or percentage of discount to protect your bottom line.

  • Amount per discount maxDiscountAmt.png
  • Limit number of discounts, maximum percentage, and maximum amount per order globalLimits.png

Welcome new customer coupon

You can create discounts, so new customers will be able to apply once.

In the create discount page, under “Eligibility” section.

Screen Shot 2022-01-28 at 9.06.39 AM.png

Screen Shot 2022-01-28 at 9.06.48 AM.png

If the same customer tries to use the discount again, the discount will show as invalid at checkout. It is worth noting that the discount will still be calculated and shown on the cart drawer, but it fails on the checkout page.