Create Offers

We support a growing list of offer types to meet your upsell/cross-sell needs. There are spending goal, impulse buy, and recommended products three offer types.

Spending goal: The customer must meet a specific spending goal to get a discount or free shipping.

Impulse buy: The customer gets a discount on the suggested product when they buy a specific product. It’s a great way to offer discounts on high-margin products or push old inventory.

Recommended products: Present a list of recommended products based on the customer’s selection. You can recommend frequently bought together products, popular products, clearance products, etc. The customers get an optional discount on the recommended product when they buy at least one of the recommended products.

Spending Goal

The spending goal can be total cart value or the total number of items in the cart. So, for example, if their goal is $100, they’ll get 10% off or free shipping once they spend $100! This is one of the most popular offer types among our merchants.

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Spending goal list view

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Impulse Buy

Sometimes less is more. The impulse buy offer is simple yet powerful. It directs the effort to push one specific product. Our merchants like to use impulse buy to push complimentary, high-margin, or clearance products. Impulse buy

Recommended Products

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Recommended Products list view

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