Why do I see discounts with the name "discount-by-oneteam-ai" in my Shopify discounts?

One of the only ways to take discounts from an order in Shopify (See note for the other method) is through Shopify discounts. So ultimately, Discount Mixer has to rely on Shopify discounts to take the discount amount off an order.

Discount Mixer’s discount engine calculates the discount amount then generates a Shopify discount “discount-by-oneteam-ai” to attach to the order. In other words, the Discount Mixer’s engine combined with Shopify discounts enables us to support advanced features such as stacking, discount limit, etc.

Why there are so many of them?

The discount mixer engine generates a new Shopify discount every time a discount is entered and evaluated, this is to ensure the correct and up to date discount is available on the checkout page automatically. There is no cost associated with these Shopify discounts and the limit is 20,000,000 unique discount codes for each store.

For security, the “discount-by-oneteam-ai” discounts all have unique and unguessable codes. In addition, they are all one-time use, with minimum purchase requirements. These measures ensure a discount is only valid for one cart and one purchase.

We remove these discounts automatically every few hours, so no action is required from you.

Note: The other way to discount orders is through Shopify Draft Orders. Instead of Shopify discounts, an app would create draft orders, the basic flow described above remains the same.